recipe is not difficult but the ingredients are key.

You need to select

the smokiest bacon you can find and a good bottle of bourbon.


three or four fat rashers and retain a good fluid ounce of the rendered

fat, letting it cool but not solidify.

Pour the fat and 750ml of good

bourbon, such as Four Roses Yellow Label, into a glass jar and let it

sit and infuse; if the bacon is strong enough, it will only take a

couple of hours. You now have a greasy-looking bourbon. To de-grease,

place the jar in the freezer overnight and the fat will congeal.


the fat then strain through a sieve. Ideally, restrain the bourbon

through coffee filter paper for a clear finish.

Your bourbon should now

taste and smell of bacon.

To make your cocktail, mix 50ml bacon bourbon,

a tablespoon of maple syrup and two dashes of angostura bitters with

some ice.

Strain into chilled glasses filled with ice and garnish with

an orange twist.

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