Knowing how best to dry your waders is a very useful tip. To avoid purloining the hairdryer take a look at The Field's suggeststion

Knowing how best to dry your waders is a very useful tip. Filling boots with newspaper and resting them against a warm radiator is surely the best way to dry waders? The Oak and Rope Company have something better in mind.

If a succesful drying routine promts a weekend of fishing, read our article on how to despatch a fish effectively.

QUERY: I am trying to find a suitable and attractive solution for drying waders.
I usually stuff them with paper and hang them in all sorts of odd places but this is really only satisfactory for one pair. Is there an obvious solution I am missing?
WT, Hampshire



A The problem of drying waders has been solved by The Oak and Rope Company.

It is in the process of producing a wader rack based on its successful welly rack. The wader rack will be available in two styles, the traditional version and a travel version. The traditional rack will have longer uprights than the welly rack, though there can be a combination of short and long uprights. The rack can be made any length to fit any number of pairs of waders. The two-pair Wader (right) costs £380 including VAT, with any engraving required, such as dates, names, house names. It costs £75 for each additional pair of uprights. The compact travel version has dowels that screw together for length and comes in a choice of walnut or oak. There is room for initials to be engraved, which is included in the price of £210. The welly rack can also be made in any size from two to 12 pairs. The standard boot rack costs £230 for the four-pair size. For more information on how to dry your waders and more information about the company, call 07951 742265 or visit