Coughs, sneezes and sore throats can be hard to avoid as the winter months draw in. Find out how to cure colds with liquorice


Knowing how to cure colds with liquorice is useful for the winter months when we all find ourselves reaching for the handkerchiefs. Liquorice syrup works wonders at easing a tickly throat, but it will also come in useful at the annual Christmas get-together. Find out how to use it in everything from cocktails and coffees to an ice-cream syrup. Satisfy that sweet craving and cure your cold!

Staying warm and dry is the best way to avoid a cold. Find out how to dry your waders to make sure you don’t start sneezing while out fishing. For inspiration on a cocktail to put with your liquorice syrup, read how to make elderberry vodka for a tipple which will delight your guests.

QUERY: I have been told that liquorice syrup is very good for easing the symptoms of colds, something I catch when out beating. Is there a recipe to cure colds with liquorice and what else can it be used for?
MCD, Norfolk


Liquorice syrup has long been used to ease sore throats and coughs. It can also be used in cocktails or to flavour an espresso or cappuccino, or drizzled on ice-cream.

Place a chopped root of liquorice in a small pan, heat with equal quantities of sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved, then strain and cool; this is best used in cocktails. Alternatively, cover the chopped roots with water and simmer gently for a couple of hours, strain and add 2 tbsp honey for each cup of syrup.

If using the syrup to cure colds with liquorice, 1 tsp every few hours should help.

For a great whisky sour, shake 2oz whisky, 1oz liquorice syrup, juice of half a lemon, dash of angostura bitters and half a fresh egg white together, vigorously, strain into a glass and enjoy; or use the syrup instead of sloe gin in a sloegasm.