Giddy-up and buy yourself a Munnings' original this month. Christie’s will be holding their live Art sale on the 16th June.

Munnings’ art sale at Christies this month is a wonderful opportunity to view some of the wonderful landscapes and equestrian portraits that Sir Alfred Munnings, sporting artist produced during his careers. If you are keen to adorn your walls with British horses and open landscapes, trot along to this live art sale on the 16th June. 


Munnings’ art is wonderfully rare and unique. Whether it is saddling-up at the races, a lone lady rider or a self-portrait vital with life. The image below is a self portrait. It shows Munnings painting the landscape of Exmoor, just after he had been elected President of the Royal Academy. He captioned the illustration of it in his autobiography: ‘Back on Exmoor I was working again, not able to realise what I had taken on’.

Munnings' art sale at Christies. Exmoor.

Lot Number 96
Sir Alfred James Munnings, P.R.A., R.W.S. (1878-1959)
The artist painting on Exmoor
Estimate 30,000 – 50,000 British pounds.

Munnings’ art is infused by the countryside. His fascination with the dramatic and distinctive landscapes around Exmoor, Devon and Withypool stem from much cherished holidays with his wife. Together they owned a holiday house. The time spent there has recently been dramatised in the film, Summer in February. Munnings’ art is highly intimate, personal and bucolic and was painted purely for pleasure and escapism.

From this painting below of the Hop Pickers Returning, Munnings’ artisitc biography speaks for itself. You can witness the evidence that he clearly considered himself accepted among the gypsies when he was able to persuade several of the older women to bring out the brilliant shawls, boldly coloured aprons, and flamboyant ostrich feathered hats that were special occasion wear for the women.

Munnings' art sale at Christies. Hop Pickers Returning.

Lot Number 98
Sir Alfred James Munnings, P.R.A., R.W.S. (1878-1959)
Hop Pickers Returning
Estimate 80,000 – 120,000 British pounds.

To see the paintings visit Christie’s for the viewing.