Mike Robinson

If the thought of yet another turkey dinner drives you to distraction, duck out with this old-fashioned but elegant Christmas duck.

Lobster soup may not have to break the bank. Mike Robinson show how lobster can be great value

This moreish recipe is loved by adults and children alike. Chocolate mousse is everyone's favorite, and even better jazzed up with rum and honeycomb

Roast turkey, roast grouse, roast pheasant, roast partridge and roe deer tenderloin. One for all and all for one in The Field's Christmas Royal Roast

Cajun style venison

Warming venison recipes are perfect for dark nights. These spicy cajun venison steaks take no cooking, it's all in the marinade.

Onglet is a classic french cut for steak, here's how to cook it

A cheap cut of beef from under the blade bone this fine mild meat makes a great steak with this unusual recipe

Use pheasant, rabbit or a combination of both in this updated take on the Coronation chicken recipe. It is great for garden parties, summer suppers or even in a sandwich.

Enjoy your salmon Canadian style, hot-smoked with a maple syrup glaze. If you are not lucky enough to catch your own there is very good organic farmed fish available.