The West London Shooting School have introduced a radical new service to their clients. Shooters who are known to WLSS and have a current shotgun certificate can borrow a shotgun, for their own use, from the school’s own gunroom to shoot away from the WLSS premesis.

Hire is charged at £115 per day and in the event of taking a gun for longer than 72 hours the hirer must notify the relevent police authority.

For Further information please contact WLSS

  • g.d burkinshaw

    Is it possible to be issued a Shotgun Licence by the Police if one doesnt own a shotgun ???
    I work overseas – I only return to the UK for 80 days per year – if 90 days then problem with Income Tax – I previously had a shotgun and Licence but when I went overseas to work and it came round to renewing my licence I didnt bother because I had sold my Gun and my house
    If I apply for a shotgun licence would I be able to get one even if my address is overseas. I currently only Fly Fish when I come back to the UK eac year. It would be brilliant to practise my shooting on clays as clay clubs usualy have guns for one to hire