have changed over the years and today it is the norm to carry one’s shotgun

open on the forearm or in a slip with the muzzles down, so if the

buckle or zip fails the shotgun will not fall out.

Some older sportsmen

still carry their shotguns closed, either under the arm or on the shoulder,

with the trigger guard up and the muzzles skywards.

In this case it

becomes imperative that the shotgun muzzles are pointed in a safe direction.

People who carry shotguns in this way argue that less strain is placed on

the action.


From the editor:

“When that photo was taken it was definitely not the case that shotguns were carried broken. That is a modern innovation, and a sensible one. If you were to read Gough Thomas’s gunbooks of the late 60s/70s, you will find some discussion of the pro’s and con’s of carrying shotguns broken or closed. The Old School maintained that the former weakened the shotgun’s action. We would not use an image of a contemporary shot carrying his shotgun closed, but this is an historical image used in an historical context, akin to showing a picture of 1960’s motorcyclists not wearing helmets or small children in cars without child seats”. 

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