Janet Menzies

If you want a gundog with a good nose, an independent and intelligent mind and Kate Moss looks, the sharp, sophisticated flatcoat is for you.

Overweight gundogs

Fat is a fitness issue. If your gun dogs are less than lean and lively it may be time to reassess their feeding regime and make a New Year's resolution…

The purest of canine lineages have been bred by the bluest bloods in the land, who have continuously fostered the finest lines. This is a Bark's Peerage of aristocratic kennels.

Your gundog's first shoot day

After months of training your young gun dog, it is understandable that you want to take it on its first shoot. But beware the pitfalls.

Amateur dog handlers tend to be forgiving of their dogs' faults. However, consistently good behaviour is important for progress

For those training their first gundog, the gap between theory and practice can seem almost impossible to reconcile.