EJ Churchill, or West Wycombe as it was known, is also about 30 miles from London, three miles off the M40 from both Junctions 4 or 5. It operates as a commercial club and as a ground and school and has been voted the best shooting ground in the country no fewer than four times. The ground offers gunfitting as well as instruction and has large pattern plates, good towers,excellent grouse butts and more than a hundred shooting stands as well as two skeet layouts. The shop offers guns for testing by clients.

Managing director, Rob Fenwick, notes: “We are very proud of our service and our reputation… we still make our own English guns… we have our more affordable Con-tinentals made in Spain. Our gunroom sells over 300 guns a year.” Non-members pay £96 for a lesson and £48 for 100 English sporting targets (rounds are caddied).
Membership costs £345. Members get about 25% off all their shooting and a 15% discount in the shop as well as other incentives.

tel 01494 883227 email reception@ejchurchill.com

EJ Churchill Park Lane, Lane End, High Wycombe, Bucks HP14 3NS