Harkila presents its range of exceptional footwear that has been produced and tested to the highest standard


Complete redesign. European production. Clinical testing. These are just some of the measures we have taken to upgrade the quality of our footwear. Härkila is known for hunting garments of exceptional quality.

Two years ago, we made a major decision. For our footwear to achieve the same high quality as our hunting clothes, we moved all production of our boots to the EU. But that was just the first step. In close collaboration with industry-leading experts from Norway, the UK, and Italy, we completely redesigned every single boot in our collection, from the sole up, as well as added new models. This includes great new styles for women. The new design has extra reinforcement where wear is greatest, without compromising their weight. Every boot has a specially moulded, shock-absorbing sole, which, combined with a range of other improvements, boosts comfort significantly.


Harkila, can now cater the rifle shooter on the toughest terrain in Scotland, the game shooter on the flattest shoot in Norfolk, the dog trainer, the picker up or even just recreational walking. There is a style for everyone. Our new Harkila website highlights the styles available, and you now have the search facility to find the best boots depending on your type of shooting. To outline the best-selling UK styles, our best sellers are Reidmar GTX, Pro Hunter Ridge GTX, and Pro Hunter Ledge GTX.

The boot line-up

The Reidmar GTX available for both men and ladies, features the wire U-Turn® lacing system meaning no more struggling to tighten laces, just press the dial, turn, and tighten and turn back the other way to remove.

The Reidmar GTX boots

The Ridge GTX Is a taller boot designed for stalking. These boots are surprisingly light but feature a medium stiff sole providing excellent support on even the most challenging terrain.

The Pro Hunter Ridge GTX boots

The Ledge GTX is the little brother to Ridge GTX a 7-inch boot designed for game shooting and stalking on flatter ground where the ankle support from a tall boot is not required.

The Pro Hunter Ledge GTX boots

All of our boots feature a waterproof GORE-TEX® ultimate membrane, the hardest wearing membrane on the market. During manufacture, all boot membranes are tested in a water bath to endure they are waterproof. We then perform a 30 min centrifuge test on a 5% sample of the total boot production as a further guarantee that the membrane is of the highest quality. In short, we upgraded. Will you?

For more information visit www.harkila.com and find your nearest Harkila Authorised Dealer to try the new footwear.