A general gunsmith who started when he was 16, Carl Langton is one of our top 10 gunsmiths.

Carl Langton didn’t do a formal London apprenticeship, but works for London makers now. They work with all marques and make our list of the top 10 gunsmiths. So if you are within easy reach of Hertfordshire add him to your speed dial for servicing and repairs.


A general gunsmith, Carl Langton began in 1984 at 16 in the Hertfordshire premises in which he works today. “That’s ambition for you,” he says. His introduction was traditional – sweeping up and making the tea for the late Brian Broomfield who had a particularly good reputation for working on Mirokus: “Brian was one of the few to have visited the island factory in Japan; he gained special expertise in barrel fitting.” Langton, of Ladbrook & Langton Gunsmiths (L&L), is known for similar work (and “breathed on” the Perazzi barrels of Olympic gold medallist Peter Wilson). “I have learnt so much on the bench with the many who have passed through here over the years – some from the London trade, others from different but interesting backgrounds. You learn things for yourself as well. I didn’t do a formal London apprenticeship – although we do much work for London makers now. I became, like all of us here, a bit of a generalist.” These days, 70% of L&L’s work is for the trade but, like everyone else mentioned, the firm welcomes retail customers, too, and can offer a full range of gunsmithing services: routine maintenance; stock bending and alteration; fitting of pads or re-coil devices; new springs; new screws; and choke- and rib-work (a house speciality). The firm keeps a large selection of Browning and Miroku spares although it works on all marques, old and new. Tel 01923 854639; email; website.