The Hatsan Escort 3in-chambered is a reliable semi-automatic shotgun. With it's black business-like finish and very resonable tag price, every wildfowler wants one.

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Hatsan Escort


Hatsan Escort semi-automatic

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Hatsan Escort 3in is this month’s test gun. It is a practical workhorse, the 3in-chambered, steel-shot-proofed, Turkish-made Hatsan Escort semi-automatic. The Hatsan escort 3in is imported by the well-known firm of Edgar Brothers of Macclesfield (which has been involved with the Hatsan brand since the Nineties). We do not test many repeaters in these pages but this gun, with an RRP of only £493, is one of the most popular now sold in Britain regardless of action type. For that reason alone it is worthy of consideration here. The model with a synthetic stock is also a favourite of many wildfowlers (though the gun would be as at home in a pigeon hide or busting clays). It is business-like and black (although a wooden stock version is available as well as camouflage). One is forced to wonder how on earth it can be made for the money as factory, wholesaler and retailer must all make a profit. The Escort may be plain and competitively priced but it is well finished and surprisingly well specified. It does not look especially cheap apart, perhaps, from the Phillips screws in the grip cap.

Hatsan escort 3in. Aluminium alloy receiver and steel bolt.

Hatsan Escort. Like most semi-automatics it is CNC machined from aluminium alloy.

The black-anodised action is neatly presented. Like most semi-automatics it is CNC machined from aluminium alloy. A gas-operated design, it incorporates a magazine cut-off that allows one to change the chambered cartridge for another without unloading the magazine. There is the usual bar-type safety to the rear of the trigger guard. The trigger plate-cum-guard on the Hatsan escort 3in is made from black polymer as is quite common now. One unusual and positive feature is that the load-feed ramp also acts as the bolt release catch. This is a practical arrangement and a fairly recent development on the Hatsan escort 3in.

The form of the pistol-grip stock also appears most sensible. The Escort is comfortable to mount with notably good shapes. It weighs just over 7lb – quite light for a semi-auto. The form of the stock provides plenty of purchase and good muzzle control without being bulky. The grip is well radiused and of good size. The fore-end is not too wide or bulbous either (a flaw of some gas-operated semi-automatics). There is a hi-tech, ventilated recoil pad with additional spacers to extend length. Spacers are included to adjust drop and cast measurement, too.

Hatsan escort 3in. Load-feed ramp.

Hatsan Escort. The trigger plate-cum guard is made from black polymer. The Load-feed ramp here acts as the bolt release catch to make the gun more practical.

The Hatsan Escort measures a whisker over 143⁄4in for length of pull, ideal as a shelf measurement.
The standard stock dimensions indicate considerable thought. There is an unusually good curve to the butt sole. The length to heel and toe is 5⁄16in more than the measurement to centre – a typical heel measurement would be 1⁄8in. Because of this extra length, it nestles securely at the shoulder (far better than guns where length to heel is nearly the same as length to centre). Standard drop measurements were also excellent at 11⁄2in at front of comb and 21⁄8in at rear. This is much better, it might be added, than the dimensions one used to encounter on Turkish guns, which nearly all tended to be excessively low in the comb.

The test gun sports a 30in extended multi-choke barrel (five chokes are supplied) bearing British superior fleurs-de-lis proof marks. There are other barrel options from 24in. Magazine capacity is 2+1. The Escort may be ordered with an extended seven-shot magazine requiring a firearm certificate (such guns are often used by gamekeepers and pest controllers). There is a 31⁄2in model, too. The 3in chambered version might be recommended for most purposes. Those who need 31⁄2in will know it.

Hatsan escort 3in. Barrel, gas collar and magazine tube..

Hatsan Escort. For a 7lb gun, there is plenty of good muzzle control without the gun being bulky. This image displays the detail of the barrel, gas collar and magazine tube in this fine gun.


This gun is of conventional design for type. It bleeds off gas from the barrel to cycle the action. Gas-operated shotguns were developed from gas-operated assault rifles. The sporting development took place mainly in the US, where “long-recoil” guns such as the Browning A5 had long been popular (that design uses recoil energy to cycle). In 1956 High Standard brought out the JC Higgins Model 60 for Sears Roebuck & Co. Gas-operated shotguns became popular; Remington, Browning and Beretta have produced them for many years and the Turks began copying about 25 years ago. Earlier specimens often had problems with feed reliability. The guns were not set up for the lighter loads favoured in the UK but this has now been addressed. The Turks have also followed the US lead in making repeaters that can handle both 3in and 31⁄2in magnum cartridges.


The Escort shot far better than I expected. The balance and pointing qualities with 30in barrels are good. The trigger pull was adequate rather than great but I soon adjusted to it. The gun felt both lively and controllable. Felt recoil was low. The feed function was reliable which, as noted, has not always been the case with budget Turkish semi-automatics. I also liked the stock measurements as they contributed to good handling and comfortable felt recoil. The Escort has to be judged at a price of £493 (RRP). For that money it represents excellent value. If any bits break replacements are easily available. If you want a cheap-
as-chips tool that can be used without much concern on the marsh, in a pigeon hide, for informal clays or bashing bunnies, the Escort fits the bill.

Hatsan Escort price: £493
Where to buy the Hatsan Escort: Visit Edgar Brothers or call 01625 613177