You Forgot the Birds is a new network designed to monitor conservation charities and put fair questions to the RSPB about how the charity is really protecting birdlife


The RSPB is a charity. The RSPB is particularly a charity set up for the protection of birds. The RSPB seems to have relegated that. The Field has already questioned the RSPCA: Animal rights or animal welfare? Now it is time for someone to question the RSPB. And that is set to be done with vigour.

You Forgot the Birds is a network of individuals passionate about bird habitat. The network includes naturalists and sportsmen, farmers, landowners, self-confessed birders, conservationists, those who live in the town and country. You Forgotten the Birds has been set up to challenge the RSPB’s perceived lack of interest in the birds it should be protecting. With the backing of Sir Ian Botham, Marytn Howat (former director of Natural England) and The Field’s own Sir Johnny Scott, Bt. You Forgot the Birds sets out to ask fair questions of the RSPB.

The RSPB is “the charity that forgot its mission” says You Forgot the Birds.


“What disturbs many bird lovers is their perception that an organisation that once stood head and shoulders above the rest in defence of birdlife has gone astray. It’s not just that the RSPB recently relegated its “protecting birds” mission for a soft sell conservation image.

“They fear that it has also sold its soul and become a giant fundraising machine where decisions are made not according to what is good for birds but what will keep the RSPB’s revenues growing. Their disquiet is that its hoovering up of charitable funds and single-issue campaigning is toxic to bird welfare”.


So what is the answer to the RSPB’s lack of interest in all-round bird welfare? You Forgot the Birds is making a complaint to the Charities Commission

“We have long been concerned that the conservation debate has been dominated by ideology rather than pragmatism. Single issue campaigns have pushed out a rounded view of how birds depend on the habitat people create for them along with careful management to stop boom and bust cycles when predator and prey numbers become unbalanced.

“Many bird lovers including Birdwatch Magazine are concerned that campaigning and fundraising are being put before habitat creation.

“At the centre of the debate lies the massive RSPB. It is spending far less on bird habitat than its supporters expect and is often ineffective at creating conditions for birds to flourish on its reserves.

“We have created this campaign to raise questions which deserve answers. We hope the Charity Commission, politicians and the media will help ensure that this happens.



“A regular question we ask is about the effectiveness of the various conservation groups at helping bird life to thrive. Who actually builds bird habitat? And who is just talk—great at fundraising but doing little real conservation?

You Forgot the Birds is going to examine the accounts of the RSPB and all the 47 Wildlife Trusts and get you the facts”.

If you would like to join this germinating group of conservation charity monitors then drop them an email.