The Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Great Britain held the 50th Anniversary of their Yara Journalism Awards ceremony on October 15th 2009.

 Recognising the best published features on arable, grassland and the environment the awards were presented by President and CEO of Yara International, Jorgen Ole Haslestad.

Alison Lea’s ‘The Rotten Life of Trees’ published in The Field in November 2008 scooped the prize in the Environment/Rural Affairs category with high praise form the judges.


“This high original piece of work explains why rotten and fungi-ridden trees are of vital importance to the regeneration of tree species and to hundreds of invertebrates, birds and
said the judges.

“It was exquisitely researched and beautifully written, giving the article the power to make this influential rural readership think again about the importance of the rotten tree, which is currently in
chronic short supply.”


Read the award-winning feature:

The Rotten Life of Trees