Herefordshire's rivers to be restocked with elvers as local groups campaign to end export

The European eel is on the international Red List of endangered species. Elvers are caught in large numbers in the Wye and the Severn for sale abroad and the Golden Valley fish and Wildlife Association are determined to turn the tide.

The Association claims that numbers of eels in Herefordshire rivers have crashed and intend to restock elvers as well as raising awareness of the problem. Chairman Nick Longman says “Our number one aim is to influence DEFRA to impose a precautionary ban on the export of elvers from our rivers. Elver fishing used to be a traditional passtime… now it is being driven by large scale export.”

He also urges caution of commercial groups who claim to be restocking “They may only be restocking eels they themselves have removed, while sending a much higher percentage abroad for sale… we believe it is unsustainable to commercially harvest any fish at its juvenile stage”.

There is an on-line petition to gather support or contact direct.