In the November issue of The Field:

The Field’s guide to the most baggable gifts for Christmas 2012;

fantasy birds for the lads – four epic Shropshire drives;

pocket rockets – picking the right cartridges for the job;

a high day with the low hounds – hunting with the bassets;

The Field’s Macnab menu at Scott’s restaurant – from moor to top table;

meeting the Beretta clan – the editor talks to the the Beretta clan;

Dartmoor trout – casting on Westcountry lakes;

Bury Hill’s archangles – high birds in Suffolk;

exercise final fling – fieldsports traditions with The Queen’s Royal Lancers;

one hoof or two – being part of a racing syndicate;

eating from nose to tail, driving on ice, ravens, unusual edibles…

and much, much more…

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