In what are hopefully the final months of the Labour government the party shows it’s true colours regarding shooting.

David Taylor, MP for North West Leicestershire, has tabled an early day motion which calls for a ban on “The production of birds for sport shooting, in line with the ban introduced in Holland in 2002”. View in full

So far 65 MPs have signed the motion, 56 of them members of the Labour Party. Past assurances that game shooting has nothing to fear from Labour have been shown to be at best valueless, and at worst a cynical attempt to divide and conquer country sports in advance of the Hunting Act 2004. Many of the same MPs signed the 2002 motion to restrict children’s access to shooting.
The Countryside Alliance chief executive, Simon Hart described the move as “disturbing – but not surprising” and fears that the success of the motion may lead to a Private Member’s Bill. Shooting is clearly ‘at risk’ from the current administration.

The MPs who have signed the motion and want to see game shooting stopped are listed below. Click for their contact details and let your MP know how you feel.


Diane Abbott

Janet Anderson

John Austin

Hugh Bayley

Roger Berry

Colin Burgon

Ronnie Campbell

Martin Caton

Michael Clapham

Harry Cohen

Frank Cook

Jeremy Corbyn

Jim Dowd

David Crausby

Andrew Dismore

David Drew

Bill Etherington 

Paul Farrelly

Paul Flynn

Hywel Francis

Mike Gapes

Roger Godsiff

Patrick Hall

Fabian Hamilton

Tom Harris

Jim Hood

Kelvin Hopkins

Lindsay Hoyle

Brian Iddon

Gerald Kaufman

Mark Lazarowicz

David Lepper

John McDonnell

Alan Meale

Andrew Miller

Julie Morgan

Edward O’Hara

Bill Olner

Greg Pope

Stephen Pound

Gordon Prentice

Gwyn Prosser

Linda Riordan

Geoffrey Robinson

Jim Sheridan

Alan Simpson

Dennis Skinner

Angela C Smith

David Taylor

Don Touhig

Paul Truswell

Rudi Vis

Joan Walley

Robert Wareing

Betty Williams

Mike Wood


Ann Widdecombe

Liberal Democrat:

Colin Breed

Lorely Burt

Lynne Featherstone

Mike Hancock

John Pugh

Paul Rowen

Bob Russell


Dai Davies