is combining his passions to

support big cat conservation by donating 10% of proceeds from sales of

bronze pieces to Panthera,

the global leader in big cat conservation. Mayer recently released a jaguar

sculpture, which capturing this elusive creature, once believed

to have been eradicated from 40

percent of their historic range due to illegal poaching and land development.


is very grateful to David for bringing together the worlds of art and science

in support of wild cat conservation.

All of the proceeds we receive through this partnership will go

toward our jaguar programs, including the Jaguar Corridor

which protects and connects jaguar habitats in the

Americas,” said Panthera Vice-President Luke Hunter.


jaguar experts believe corridors that allow the big cats to maintain links

between populations are crucial to their survival. The organization works with

government agencies and local landowners to ensure corridors stay intact by

mitigating conflicts between humans and cats, and by ensuring that land-use

plans accommodate the ability of jaguars to move through human landscapes such

as plantations and cattle ranches.


an artist drawing inspiration from the natural world I understand how important

diversity is and also how there has to be a bigger vision involved in

conservation than merely saving an animal from extinction, we have to look at

the bigger picture. Panthera do that and therefore I am delighted to aid this

vision in some way with my artwork,” said Mayer.

Mayer begins each sculpture with observations made in the

wild, when possible, noting anatomy and other details and making sketches from life, measurements are also provided by the research teams.

After the clay sculpture is complete the artwork goes through an eight-week

casting process in a UK art foundry. Each finished bronze has its own

distinct identity in that the patina finish is always unique to that piece.


jaguar piece is modelled after

jaguars from Brazil’s Pantanal region where Panthera scientists recently

captured and radio-collared the second largest individual ever measured. The

Pantanal jaguars are renowned for being the largest and heaviest on the planet.


jaguar sculpture is the second big cat in the project Mayer is producing for

the new partnership. His beautiful leopard sculpture inaugurated the

partnership and he is now working on an African lion. A portion of sales of

each and every cat sculpture supports Panthera’s field projects.

The Jaguar Sculpture measures 49cm x 19.5cm x

9cm in an edition of 12. Price £2950.


addition to sculpting big cats Mayer continues to add to his range of bronze

editions covering a variety of species.


more information about Panthera, and its work to protect jaguars, please visit: