Are you a successful Macnabber? Have you chased salmon, stag and grouse with success? If so we warmly issue an invitation to join The Field Macnab Club.


There is of course much inward jubilation at finally claiming your Macnab. But anyone who has risen to the spirit of the Macnab Challenge, embraced John Buchan‘s book and seen the thing through with style will relish the company of those who have done the same. Just as Buchan’s protagonists laid their plans in a club, we invite successful Macnabbers to join The Field Macnab Club.

Membership of the club entitles you to wear the Macnab cuff-links and the Macnab Club silk tie. The sterling silver cuff-links represent the slot of the stag and the salmon.

Macnab Club cufflinks

The slot and the salmon

The tie has three distinct stripes representing the three elements of the challenge. A brace of purple stripes signify the heather of the grouse, the silver the skin of the salmon and the red, the blood of the stag. It also echoes the gillies toast, To Blood! This sentiment is always echoed at The Macnab Dinner and is of paramount importance to those taking part.

The Macnab Challenge is a sporting endeavour without parallel. It combines fieldcraft and the eternal Field principles of knowledge, skill, tradition and respect for your quarry. Every sporting man or woman should aspire to the challenge. We invite those of an adventurous and sporting bent to accept the challenge and join our club. We look forward to welcoming you.


Macnab Club. Tie

The Macnab tie represents the three elements of the challenge.

To apply for membership of The Field Macnab Club:

Write to us (at The Field Macnab Club, Future, 161 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9AP), or email us with details of your attempt.

The application should be supported by two witness letters.

All witness statements will be verified before membership to the club is ratified.

We will contact you to let you know when your application has been successful.