Keen to enter The Field's Macnab Challenge? You need to decide which Macnab type you want to set your cap at, and then take our advice and crack on.

Which type of Macnab takes your fancy?  The Classic Macnab is the favoured one among modern sporting blades, but there are different Macnab types for every part of the country and sporting inclination. We know those who have bagged a Macnorfolk and a Corinthian Macnab, but perhaps you are keen on a real Macnab like the protagonists in John Buchan’s book John Macnab? If you have one you think might meet the exacting standards then do let us know. We might add it to out list of Macnab types if it is up to standard.


The most important thing to know is that each and every one of these Macnabs must be taken between dawn and dusk within 24 hours. So take your pick and then enter the Macnab Challenge.

  • Real Macnab: a salmon on the fly and a stag, as the trio did in John Buchan’s John Macnab, “poached” in a legal sporting manner (see John Macnab).
  • Classic Macnab: A stag, a salmon and a brace of grouse. This Macnab epitomises the best of country sports in the Highlands.
  • Southern Macnab: A couple of snipe, a sea-trout and a roe buck.
  • Macmarsh: A foreshore goose, a pike and a fallow buck.
  • Macnorfolk: A bass on the fly, a brace of wild grey partridges and a fallow buck.
  • Macscandi: A moose, capercaillie and a trout on the fly within 24 hours.
  • Macargentinian: A golden dorado, 100 brace of doves and a wild pig. This is the northern Argentinian Macnab.
  • Macafrican: A brace of sandgrouse, an impala and a tigerfish in one day.
  • Maccharlie: Riding to foxhounds, the harriers and also staghounds.
  • Corinthian Macnab: Riding to hounds in the morning, shooting a brace of partridges in the afternoon and then catching a trout on the fly.