Take your jersey and your trusty rifle and make your way to the hills. The Field recommends 10 essential things to take on your deer stalking trip.

Deer stalking is far more of a challenging day than a day spent on the peg. When you go to the hill deer stalking what do you need to take. Duff Hart-Davis recommends 10 things to take on your deer stalking trip. The great joy of stalking in the Highlands is that it takes you into incomparable surroundings. Read Duff’s account of a day on the hill, stalking red deer in the Highlands.

We can’t recommend taking to the Highlands of Scotland to go deer stalking highly enough. Here are the 10 essentials that will ensure you are fully prepared.


  • 1) A RELIABLE RIFLE of legal calibre, fitted with a good scope, at least 4×32. If you have no rifle of your own, be sure to fire an estate rifle at a target before setting out.
  • 2) BINOCULARS with good light gathering – 8x40s are ideal. The stalker will almost certainly have a telescope; you may want to carry one for precise identification of targets.
  • 3) A STOUT STICK with either a fork or a curved handle at the top. Essential for balance on steep faces.
  • 4) A SHARP KNIFE, either folding or in a sheath, in case you have to gralloch the stag yourself.
  • 5) A SMALL BACKPACK or bag. Apart from its use as a carry-all, it may prove invaluable as a rest for your front wrist when taking the shot.
  • 6) A ROPE for pulling the stag off the hill. Soft, made-up mountaineering loops about three metres long are the best.
  • 7) A HAT to conceal your perspiring pink face and a light, waterproof outer jacket that will roll up small.
  • 8) A JERSEY You will almost certainly overheat if you wear it on the way up, but will be glad of it if you have a wait at high altitude.
  • 9) YOUR PIECE (lunch) – best to have one big bap with a luscious filling – salmon and mayonnaise or cheese and tomato – and a chocolate bar.
  • 10) A HIP-FLASK of whisky, to celebrate a successful stalk.