Sporting Wagers: the Grand National

Bookmaker Fitzdares rounds up the fairy tale stories from jump racing's showpiece as well as those against-the-odds victories

Summer jump racing

Summer jump racing: season in the sun

With staycations looking likely this summer, Ed Seyfried advises on where to enjoy the very best summer jump racing to make your staycation a sporting one. For more on racing,…


Sporting wagers: Cheltenham

Fitzdares, Racing Bookmaker of the Year, consider the greatest races and horses in Cheltenham's history

Guide to hunting in Ireland

The Field’s guide to hunting in Ireland

Horse power is key, asserts Octavia Pollock as she shares The Field’s guide to hunting in Ireland, from stone-faced banks to sheet mud, water-filled ditches and tiny ponies and riders…

Huntsman's diaries

Thrilling tales from a huntman’s diaries

Adrian Dangar’s new book is a limited edition of his comprehensive, pre-ban hunting diaries. Through these huntsman’s diaries, here he relives thrilling runs and his most treasured hunting memories. For…

Bespoke hunting boots

Bespoke hunting boots to last a lifetime

Bespoke hunting boots will not only last a lifetime, but also offer protection, comfort and style in the field, says Eve Jones. For more on bespoke field kit, read handmade…

Hound puppy walking

Hound puppy walking: the next generation

Hound puppy walking is not for the faint-hearted. A foxhound puppy is a born mischief-maker. But puppy walkers are absolutely essential, both for bringing on the next generation and for…

Hunting with falcons

Hunting with falcons: in full flight on Dartmoor

Neil Cross headed to Dartmoor to experience hunting with falcons on horseback. It proved a thrilling sport set against a dramatic backdrop. For more on different days out hunting, we…

Harrier breed

The not-so-rare harrier breed

The harrier breed has not been registered with the Kennel Club for over 100 years, but interest has never faded in hunt country. England has 18 harrier packs, Ireland has…