Spaniels rank as one of the UK's most popular dog breeds year on year and Fielders are just as fond of this notoriously crazy canine companion, as shown by this selection of pictures sent in by our readers

Spaniels are one of the UK’s most popular breeds as family pets and the shooting field would be incomplete without them. Notoriously nutty, this selection of spaniels owned by our readers shows why they are one of the best breeds in the field.

We may all love our spaniels but there’s no denying the popularity of labradors. Year on year they are the world’s most popular breed, and Fielders clearly love them just as much. Read The Field’s favourite labradors to see a selection of our readers’ labradors. In the field or on the sofa, they are fantastic gundogs and much loved family pets.

Could your spaniel be one of our favourites? Tweet us a picture @TheFieldmag or email it along with some information about your dog to Springers, cockers, clumbers, fields, Sussex, water spaniels… The list is endless and we want to see them all.


Cocker spaniels are the UK’s second most popular breed, just behind the Labrador. And the English Springer Spaniel ranks at number four. Did you know it’s the French Bulldog that takes third place? French bulldogs and pugs have the fashionable flat face coveted by many. But it comes at a heavy price. Read dogs with breathing difficulties to find out why you should think twice before buying one.

The shooting field expects its fair share of springers and cockers. But what about the clumber? It was all but extinct after the war, but the hard work of the Working Clumber Spaniel Society is reversing that. There are now a hundred of more clumbers working in the shooting field. Read clumber spaniel: the Bentley of gundogs to find out why owning this breed is like being a member of an exclusive club.

And did you know the Brittany is no longer classed as a spaniel? This pocket rocket of a gundog is taking on the Continental HPRs. Find out how, with a little training, they come out tops. Read Brittany spaniel: rivalling the Continental HPRs.

But keep sharing your pictures of your spaniels. On the sofa and in the field, they are one of the best breeds. And certainly Fielders’ favourites.