German Shorthaired Pointer
Very versatile, the most popular of the Continental HPR breeds, regarded as easier to train and less sensitive than our own setters and pointers. Big and athletic, usually liver or black roan. Visit The German Shorthaired Pointer Association website or The German Shorthaired Pointer Club website.

German Longhaired Pointer
Looks very different from the shorthaired. Large and impressive with long, wavy, usually black or liver-and-white coat. Excellent temperamant. Rare in England. Contact the clubs above for details.

German Wirehaired Pointer
Attractive, grizzled coat, very popular in Europe and some now coming into UK, loyal and devoted. Call the German Wirehaired Pointer Club’s secretary, Mrs C Shaw, on 01530 261022.

Among the earliest Continental HPRs to be worked in the UK and very versatile for rough-shooters, capable of working in wooded, low ground as well as open areas. Famous for its distinctive gun-metal grey coat. Call the Weimaraner Association’s secretary, Mrs Rachel Blackburn, on 01924 499545 or the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain’s secretary, Mrs J Wrixon, on 01799 523605.

Hungarian Vizsla
An attractive, golden dog with a long, aristocratic history. Many now being worked in the UK, but has a reputation for a tendency to plod. Contact the Hungarian Vizsla Club’s secretary, Mrs Benson, on 020 8399 8837 or Hungarian Vizsla Society’s secretary, Mrs C Fisher, on 01382 629036.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
Thicker-set dog with attractive, shaggy eyebrows, seen a lot on mid-European shoots and gaining popularity here. Email the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association.

Used to be classed as a spaniel and looks rather like a large cocker, with similar variety of coat colours. Leading spaniel expert, the late Keith Erlandson, was a fan and many are now being worked on British rough-shoots. Can be hard to train and not strong on retrieving. Call the Brittany Club of Great Britain’s secretary, Mr P Yarrow, on 01621 817728.

Large Munsterlander
Large, handsome, feathery-coated, usually black and white. Very versatile hunting, pointing and retrieving on rough-shoots and wildfowling. Very trainable. Sub-breed is the Small Munsterlander. Contact The Kennel Club for breed organisation details.

Italian Spinone
A lovely big, pale, rough-coated dog with cartoon-like, solemn expression. Good all-rounder, well-known for its speed and stamina. Beginning to be worked in Britain, but easier to find in mid-European and Mediterranean countries. Contact Italian Spinone Club of Great Britain’s secretary, Ms Mayne, on 08708 743082.

Bracco Italiano
Only taken on to The Kennel Club breed register this year, but already well-known on shoots as a working HPR. Looks rather like a long-legged bloodhound and works in a similar way. Contact the Bracco Italiano Society’s secretary, Mrs Jan Hayward, on 01580 892477.

Korthals Griffon and Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer
Both of these breeds are only rarely seen in the UK, and have yet to be put officially on The Kennel Club register, but some HPR judges in this country have experience of their work. To find out more get in touch with one of the leading HPR societies listed above.