As summertime nears, you may be “designated driver” at boozy bbqs. But don’t let this give you the blues – there are some fabulous soft drinks to see you through.

Torres Muscat Natureo
(£6, Waitrose)
Only 0.5% alcohol but a surprisingly grown-up and tasty wine.

Belvoir Organic Lemonade
(£1.50 per 75cl, Asda)
Zesty and refreshing and as good as homemade.

Pixley Berries Blackcurrant & Raspberry Cordial
(£3 per 50cl, Waitrose)
Richest, ripest, fruitiest cordial.

Aspall 100% Pressed English Apple Juice
(£2 per 100cl, Tesco)
My favourite apple juice; a blend of Cox and Bramley.

Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice
(£2.50 per 75cl, Sainsbury’s)
Wonderful on its own, it’s even better with vodka.

Alibi Active Pretox Drink
(£1.50 per 33cl, Harvey Nichols)
Ideal for pre-empting one’s hangover.