Vintage motor racing is one of the world's greatest treasures. The Field has sourced some old, fun and insightful videos that kindle enthusiasm for the wonderful golden era of motoring racing.


Vintage motor racing has evolved over time becoming less dangerous and perhaps more class friendly. With this in mind, Britain now prides itself as the leading country of the classic car. The Goodwood Revival that takes place in Spetember has become unique in the fraternity of motor sports, no other Vintage motor racing event compares.  The gentleman racing drivers and life in front line will forever comprise of high-end auto-mobiles and brave, blue-blooded men.


Vintage motor racing began in the early 1900s. Topping 100mph in one of these vintage motor racing machines was the norm and the early models didn’t even have seatbelts. The drivers were not only brave but wealthy too and had blue blood as well as insanity coursing through their veins. Vintage motor racing was the sport of gentlemen all over the UK but has changed over time. To mark the evolution of health and safety we have found a vintage clip of Donnington park in Leicstershire.


Donington Park has a fabulous history, from the days of the pre-War Silver Arrows GP cars right through to modern times, and the Festival calls upon all that history, creating a fantastic atmosphere even today. The track is steeped in history with great moir footage to be watched. Watch the jolly clip above and witness the vintage motor racing behaviour in the 1930’s.


Vintage motor racing has maintained many of the traditions in the above video, but the attitude and safety has most certianly developed. Anything vintage, classy and fast is welcomed at Lord March’s personal mototr circuit. Steeped in history and tradition, it has become a unique playground for all vintage motor racing. With Goodwood Festival of Speed in mind, every vintage motor racing fan knows that they can return to the golden era each summer.  The clip below provides some exclusive insight into Lord March’s unique car collection in his home garage. The mix is certainly eclectic including a few American models and the infamous Datsun Cherry. Here we can see how vintage motor racing has really evolved.