End Lent in style with The Field's pick of the most tempting Easter eggs to get your hands on

Fishing overly well-hidden mini eggs from the cracks of stone walls, or the depths of a hedgerow might be the stuff of childhood Easters and glorious Easter egg hunts, but for more grown-up chocolate fare (that no one could blame you for snuffling away for yourself), here’s The Field’s pick of half a dozen of the most tempting Easter eggs. Order now and you’ll have them well in time for Easter (which this year falls on Sunday 9 April 2023.) (Read our advice on organising an Easter egg hunt.)

Coloured eggs and bunnies abound at Easter and yet they are ancient symbols that even pre-date Christianity. Johnny Scott investigates Eostre, the pagan spring festival.

If you’re tempted by chocolate in the meantime, here’s our guide to finding good chocolate.

Six of the most tempting Easter eggs

Bettys Milk Chocolate Spring Flowers Egg £38.50

A showstopper from the Yorkshire confectioners Bettys: a Swiss Grand Cru milk chocolate egg, stippled with dark chocolate, finished with chocolate piping and hand-decorated with bluebells, narcissi and other spring flowers, delicately created from Royal icing.

Weight: 350g



Bettys Milk Chocolate Art Deco Egg £22

art deco easter egg Bettys

A gold lustre band sweeps this milk chocolate egg with a design that is inspired by the roaring 1920s. Hand piped swirls of white and dark chocolate finish the piece.

Weight: 220g


Bettys Hand-Painted Ganache Eggs £13.75


If you like to eat your eggs one by one, then this is how to go for quality not quantity. Milk and dark Swiss chocolate eggs with a hand-painted marble finish.

  • Box of 8
  • Weight: 80g


Fortnum & Mason Handmade Rose & Violet Creams Easter Egg £45

fortnum rose and violet cream easter egg

There’s something wildly decadent about cracking open an Easter egg to find eight chocolates nestled inside with fillings to savour throughout the day, especially when they are rose and violet creams.

Weight: 227g


Fortnum & Mason Handmade Decorated Easter Egg Trio £55

If you can’t make your mind up between milk, dark or white chocolate then indulge in all three with these beautifully decorated eggs from Fortnums. If you’re invited somewhere for Easter this could be the perfect gift to bring along.

Weight: 270g


Hotel Chocolat Classic Ostrich Easter Egg £86

Hotel chocolate easter egg

If you’re after size and quality, then Hotel Chocolat’s Ostrich Easter egg offers over a kilo of chocolate, truffles, pralines, caramels, and more. For a large family gathering, this is the one.

Weight: 1,040.00 g


Room for one more

A less decorative egg but still delicious, there’s always the Waitrose No1 Blonde Chocolate with Salted Caramel Truffles Easter Egg. Price £11.

Easter cooking

Put aside time over the Easter long weekend to bake Philippa Davis’ chocolate, ginger and orange Easter cake. Simple to make, loaded with chocolate and perfectly moist, make this your new Easter Sunday staple.

This article was originally written in 2023 and has been updated. 

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