Need help ensuring your garden remains a muntjac-free zone? We offer advice to a reader in need.


A reader wrote to Country Queries with this question. We seem to have a ‘rat run’ strip of woodland near our garden that muntjac pass through regularly. I am not keen to put a fence up. However, the deer often stray on to the lawn and our new labrador takes off after them in a potentially dangerous pursuit. Can you suggest a way to keep them out?

The British Deer Society offers a few natural solutions to this issue. It suggests soaking strips of old cloth in diesel and hanging them on string tied between canes about 20ft apart. These shout stick approximately 3ft out of the ground.

Natural solutions to unwanted muntjac

Alternatively, hang heavily scented bars of soap among the plants. Soap is readily available and does not have to be replaced until completely dissolved. However, the British Deer Society says that fencing remains the most effective way to protect your garden.

Muntjac live happily in all sorts of environments. They can be very destructive and their numbers do need controlling. Many are unaware of what versatile and tasty eating they offer. Click here for a roast butterflied haunch recipe.