The Field helps a reader find a gentleman's sporting knife that does the job but also complies with legislation


Having got through many sporting knives over the years, I am in need of another. My trusty companion would be a good pocketknife to be carried in the trouser pocket, not too large nor heavy. However, it should not be so small that it would be rendered useless. Can you recommend a folding sporting knife that complies with the legislation relating to carrying a knife on one’s person.


It is illegal to carry most knives in public with a ‘good reason’. It is legal to carry a folding pocketknife that has a cutting edge no longer than 3in and is not a locked knife. In other words, it does not have a button, spring or catch that you have to use to fold the knife. I would suggest looking at the Victorinox Huntsman Swiss army knife. It has an outer containing 13 functions including a small blade and a large blade. They are available from Swiss Store.

A folding pocket knife

More information about folding sporting knives

Alternatively, for a simple sporting knife that sits unobtrusively in the pocket, take a look at the James Brand Pike available from This is a non-locking slip-joint folding  knife, finished in rosewood. Arms expert and broadcaster Bill Harriman tells The Field why his Swiss army knife is his favourite piece of kit. It is important that laws regarding the carrying and buying of knives are followed. For more information click here.