The Cumbrian Police have yet to announce the results of their investigation into the tragic shootings in June but already a Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry has been set up, chaired by Keith Vaz MP.

The Government’s measured initial response was welcomed by shooting organisations but the Countryside Alliance warns us that “we can not simply ignore [the inquiry]”.

Shooting generates £1.6 billion for the UK economy and, crucially, much of this is in what are otherwise depressed rural areas. The countryside also benefits from £250 million being spent each year on habitat and wildlife management.

With the importance of game-shooting to the rural economy and the environment in mind, it is essential that this inquiry is undertaken objectively and with a view to the positive role that lawful gun ownership plays.

The committee will examine whether or not the current legislation is fit for purpose, the relationship between gun control and gun crime and the extent to which legally held guns might be used in criminal activity. Greater information sharing between the police, prisons and the medical profession is likely to be proposed.

You can respond via email to or in writing to
Home Affairs Committee
House of Commons
7 Millbank
London SW1P 3JA
Telephone 020 7219 3276

The Committee is seeking written submissions of no more than 2,500 words from interested parties, before it takes oral evidence on this inquiry.

For further information on written submissions, visit ‘Guide for Witnesses to House of Commons Select Committees’

Organisations and individuals interested in making written submissions are
invited to do so by Friday 27th August 2010. 

  • g.d burkinshaw

    I have been shooting since my father first allowed me to carry a Shotgun at 14 yrs of age – I was allowed to actualy fire a gun when I was 16 yrs
    I have held a Shotgun Licence since this time I am now 62 years old.
    The easest way to resolve the issue with Gun Problems is — ALL rifles and pistols to be used for competion shooting to be held by Shooting Clubs — All rifles to be used for Hunting to be Held by Sporting Estates – the Guns to be hired by the sportsmen or women on the day of shooting
    No Rifles or Pistols to be sold to the General Public —- All Air Guns to be Banned – forget BASC,s ideas on Air Guns – Once again Shooting Clubs to be set up and all shooting to be at targets only — and ban all the Pest Control Companies and so called sports people who run their own companies — National Farmers Union should hold Shotguns in all their areas and when they have problems with pidgeons they can contact shooters who will have registered there names,ext with the NFU in their area — A similar scheme could be set up for Deer or Geese that are proving to be pests — Guns can still be bought by members of the public if accompanied by an authorised member of Club or Estate or NFU where ever the shooter wants to store his gun. This will allow the Guntrade to continue in Business the only item they will not be allowed to sell to the public will be Ammunitian. Note they will still be able to sell to the Estates – Clubs. The police will only have to concentrate on the security of the weapons in specific areas not stored as now in private property all over the UK. After all gun Cabinets can be stolen and broken into at a safe location by the thieves.

  • Harold

    What will come of this? Will they institute harder gun laws? Maybe. After all there’s so much red tape just to get one shotgun! One thing is for certain though: gun laws only punish the honest. Kind of gets your blood going doesn’t it? It makes you even more upset that you can’t make the people who need to understand get it for once–licenced owners don’t shoot up petrol stations. For those of you who still think gun laws work, go ask your local PC that patrols your area how many firearms he finds with scratched off serial numbers versus licenced, legit firearms. Go ask him how many licenced users commit crimes. Need I say more?