The 21 best crosbreed dogs, from the puggle to the speagle. Which is your favourite crossbreed? Or will only a pure bred lab do?

21 best crossbreed dogs for working in the field and at home. Your taste may run to the Downton Abbey gundog, or a labrador when breeding or choosing a puppy. But for those keen to think outside the box choose one of these 21 best crossbreed dogs. The best crossbreed dogs can offer something different.


  1. Lurcher – the earliest and most sensible of working crossbreeds using a greyhound, whippet or, occasionally, deerhound to add speed to an intelligent working dog, often a collie or terrier.
  2. Sprocker – a springer crossed with a cocker spaniel, in the hope of creating a dog with the trainability and temperament of a springer and the drive of a cocker.
  3. Springador (also Spanador) – springer spaniel/labrador cross, often created by accident and can bring out both the best and worst of both breeds.
  4. Labradoodle – a cross between a labrador and poodle, very trendy, looks stunning (like an Italian Spinone), with good temperament and reduced shedding of coat (helpful to allergy sufferers).
  5. Weimardoodle (Weimaraner x poodle) – along the same thinking as the Labradoodle, but this hasn’t made an impact as a working dog.
  6. Cockerdoodle/cockerpoo – cocker spaniel/poodle cross, very popular as an assistance dog because of its small size, trainability, affectionate temperament and reduced coat-shedding, but of doubtful use in the field.
  7. Toodles (various) – a poodle crossed with any of the terrier breeds.
  8. Jackadoodle (Jack Russell x poodle).
  9. Westdoodle or Westiepoo (West Highland terrier x poodle).
  10. Whoodle (Wheaten terrier x poodle). Very popular in the horse world, notable toodles include Basil, owned by three-day event doyenne Lucinda Green.
  11. Oodles (various) – a poodle crossed with show/utility breeds.
  12. Schnoodle (Schnauzer x poodle).
  13. Spoodle (show springer spaniel x poodle).
  14. Shipoo (shih-tzu x poodle).
  15. Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles spaniel x poodle).
  16. Chipoo (Chihuahua x poodle). Poodles are by far the most popular breed for crossing because of the non-shedding coat – and the fun of thinking up “oodle” names for the resultant cross.
  17. Pyrakita – a Pyrenean mountain dog crossed with a Japanese akita. Why?
  18. Puggle – a pug crossed with a beagle (possibly in an attempt to reduce ugliness).
  19. Speagle (spaniel x beagle). Beagle crosses are popular in the States, where Sylvester Stallone is a puggle fancier.
  20. Dorgi – a dachshund crossed with a corgi, by Royal approval, of course.
  21. Bichon Frisé x West Highland terrier – no name yet, perhaps Frizzie? Suggestions on a postcard, please.


    I’ve just read advert in local paper for a whippet cross cavalier king charles1I can find any information about this breed and wonder how they can justify charging £ 500??

  • Julie Cox

    Hi having just read all the articles about crossing dogs. I am in agreement that you dont get the health problems as found we the pure breds. We have just lost our 14 year old Sprocker and compared with our cocker that died at 8 years she was one of the healthest dogs to have lived. We will certainly look for another sprocker as they are easy going, loving so faithful.

  • Angee

    Just wondered if you would include the ‘Weshi’ in your list of good hybrid dogs? Our vet tells me that crossing the Shih-tzu with the Westie gets rid of many of the genetic problems that Shih-tzu’s suffer with, eg. breathing problems are reduced because the Weshi will have a slightly longer snout! My Weshi has got to be one of the most adorable looking dogs on the planet, and compared to our ‘purebred’ shih-tzu, is a whole lot healthier, easier to groom and care for and doesn’t need daily face washing/eye drops/ear cleaning etc. The Weshi is pregnant now and we have people lining up at the door waiting for a pup, and hoping it will look more like the weshi than the purebreed!

  • Margaux Robinson

    I have just been reading your article on cross breads. I have a very adorable wirehaired jackrussel x smooth coated daschund, so jackshound she is great because she is that much stockier than a dacsie and alot more robust but has so much caracter.
    As someone who has always had labs and never been a small dog person she is a charmer and has managed to convert most people i know that little dogs can be wonderful. I am desperate to find a hubby for her which is the same straight cross as i have a huge number of friends who are desperate for one of her puppies.