Tradition is reinvented with Widex Beyond, hearing assistance that can be controlled from your iPhone. A wonderfully easy solution when out the field.

Tradition holds hard in the field. The kit we wear, the manners we adopt, the lives that thrum to the changing beat of the seasons. But the countryman or countrywoman is not a specimen set in aspic. Today you are much more likely to find the modern version next to you in the line or on the bank or at the meet, having checked the weather app on a smartphone, plugged in the sat nav to get there, and calling hands free on the way home to discuss the next day’s sport.


The modern country man also has no need to be weighed down with tradition when it comes to help with his hearing. That is why the person spry enough and keen to be in the sporting field, but who believes they may need some help with their hearing, should look to Widex Beyond, a wireless way to connect your hearing aid to your iPhone. So book a free hearing test from bloom™ hearing specialists, a no obligation service that will let you know just what assistance is required. The hearing specialists at bloom™ will individually tailor your hearing solutions to your need. They have a number of branches across England and Wales and are one of the few places where the Widex Beyond will be available.

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Widex Beyond allows your hearing aids to be discreetly controlled from your iPhone. Sounds levels can be adjusted by using the app on the iPhone and the user can create personal settings for different environments, such as is in the field, or inside at the shoot hut later. There is also the ability to stream sound directionally, making it easier to hear someone in the back of the car on the way to the first drive, or sitting next to you on the shoot bus. In addition to a free hearing test bloom™ also offer a free two-week, no obligation trial, a 60-day money back guarantee, free after-care and a four-year warranty too.

A keen countryman covers the miles, from Devon to Durham and back again in search of sport and nor does Widex Beyond rest away from the field. In fact, in the car it very much comes in to its own. By using the app you can ensure that Google Maps reads aloud the necessary directions to the shoot, and that any phone or Skype call is streamed directly into the hearing aids. It is an integrated and neat solution that fits with a busy and sporting life.

While the storybooks will show you a gnarled, bent old countryman leaning on a gate passing on his wisdom, now you likely to find that the country elders are as fit and raring to go as the young entry. In fact they will probably outpace them on a walked up day, and certainly be giving a lead over the first hedge from the meet. These active lifestyles have no time for outdated hearing equipment. The modern incarnation, Widex Beyond, will keep you in the heart of the pack. Simply book a free hearing test with bloom™ today and get connected.