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William Richards set up shop as a gunmaker three years before Waterloo, but it was under his son Westley and his appointees that the family firm became synonymous with all…

Mike Yardley tests a Laura Bosis-finished Rizzini over-and-under 20-bore and pronounces it a first-class gun by any standards as well as being good value for money.

The modern 20-bore can do just about anything a 12-bore can, says Mike Yardley. He finds the Perazzi SC3 an excellent gun in the field – forgiving as well as…

Mike Yardley tries an Italian pair made for the British market and finds them to have truly excellent shooting qualities.

The Browning 525 Hunter over-and-under shotgun, built on an action that’s proved itself over three-quarters of a century, impresses Mike Yardley with its versatility and value