The Macnab Challenge 2016 in association with Pol Roger took place on Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Six people, one day...but did they manage a Macnab?


The Macnab Challenge has been part of The Field’s heritage for numerous years. The derring-do, spirit of adventure, sporting skill and camaraderie that comes with taking on the challenge is something every sporting man or woman identifies with. It is the whiff of heather, the luck with the weather and the skill honed on the hill, river and moor that makes a Macnab such a unique sporting prospect.

In 2016 The Field, with sponsors Pol Roger Champagne, organised a sporting adventure to Harris in the Outer Hebrides with the Macnab in mind. A team of six was picked to take part in the challenge and Amhuinnsuidhe Castle was our base camp. The half dozen made their way north on sleeper trains, slow trains and aeroplanes. A foray to the hill to zero rifles followed by a convivial dinner and riotous game of Freda was followed by an early night, ready for a sportingly early start.

The would-be-Macnabbers started the sporting feat at dawn, split in to three teams (although each would have the opportunity to take a Macnab) and did not finish until dusk.

This video follows one of the teams, Paul Graham from Pol Roger and Robert Everitt from Hull Cartridges, as they tried to turn the idea of the Macnab into a reality. Amid difficult weather conditions they showed fortitude, skill and the spirit of adventure that sets the Macnab apart from your standard driven day. The Macnab Challenge is not easy. It demands a stout heart, stouter legs and real focus.

So do watch the video of this season’s Challenge. See the magic and beauty of the sporting Outer Hebrides. Harris is a place that steals your sporting soul. We hope it encourages you to take up the Challenge and join us next year. Until then, join us on our adventure…