The Quorn gate jumping competition is the recreation of a nineteenth century sporting wager. Will you throw your hat into the ring?

The Quorn hunt gate jumping competition returns for the third year on Friday 27th March 2015 at 6.30pm at Vale View Equestrain Centre, Leicestershire.

The season has finished, so now is the time to have-a-go at some of the fun stuff, from hunt rides, to the Team Chase Championships at the Fernie, to point to point fixtures and the Quorn hunt gate jumping competition.

The Quorn hunt gate jumping is held in homage to the superlative old-school antics of the ‘Mad Marquis’, Henry Beresford, 3rd Marquis of Waterford. In 1838, after a very good hunting tea, he wagered that a horse could jump a five-bar gate set across the dining room of his Quorn hunting box, Lowesby Hall.

With no shortage of takers the princely purse of 100 guineas was eventually won by a grey horse called Don Juan, ridden by a Mr Manning from Aylesbury. Are you ready to follow in his hoofprints? The competition no longer takes place in a dining room, but it is an exciting end of season challenge.

And the plate is the magnificent Damazo Challenge Trophy, donated by Quorn Hunt subscriber, Ray Damazo, who hunted for 25 years with the Quorn – travelling every year from his home in Seattle, U.S.A. to spend the season in Leicestershire.


For horses that have not been registered with the BSJA in the previous 3 years, other than promotional joint registrations with British Eventing and actually competed in an affiliated competition or have not won £300 or more under the Association’s rules or won more than 50 Irish SJ points.

Horses must have been hunting at least 4 times in the season 2014/15.

Riders must be paid up subscribers/masters or members of a recognised pack of hounds in Great Britain.

The gate is to be jumped away from the entry door. If the gate is knocked down then the competitor has the option to continue around the arena and jump a single pole, set at the same height as the gate. If the pole is jumped clearly then the competitor can continue in the competition until there are six horses left in the competition. At that point, the single pole will be removed and the competition will revert to a knock out, jumping the gate in one direction. There will be an optional fence, which may be jumped before attempting the gate.

In the knockout stage, if the gate is knocked down, the rider falls off, or the horse refuses the gate on either attempt, they are out of the competition.

The gate will start at a height of 3 feet going up to a maximum of 6 feet 6 inches.

If there is more than one combination successful at the highest level the prize will be shared.

In the event of a tie, a knock down will beat a refusal or fall. If there are no clears at any certain height, competitors will all jump again until the gate is jumped cleanly.

An entry fee of £55 per horse plus £30 for subsequent horses for the same rider should be enclosed with the entry form.

Competitors and their helpers will gain free admission to Vale View on the night.

Passports should be available for inspection at Vale View.


Overall winner £1,000 to be split half for the represented hunt and half to the winning rider.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ,6th.

1st Veteran 50 yrs or over.

1st Youth 20 yrs or under.

1st side saddle. (separate class.)

1st Quorn Subscriber.

Entry forms from Zoe Mossman or tel 07714233937.

Spectators entry fee £10 adults £5 children Quorn Farmers half price. Bar & refreshments available.