Quad biking is not just for herding sheep. Add a bit of power and change the functionality and you're in for mountains of fun over all terrains.

Quad biking is not just for rounding up the sheep. When you are finally off duty and want to let off some steam, then call for your old grizzly friend, the Yamaha.

There are many different quad bikes on the market. The best farm ATVs  and best farm UTVs are fit for different purposes. But which reigns supreme? We weigh up the pros and cons of the best farm vehicles, but for those who want to do something rather more exciting, watch the Top Gear boys go fo a spin in this video.

Top Gear might have disappeared from our TV screens, but we can still take instruction on how to have some quad biking fun. Here is a jolly clip of the Top Gear trio quad biking in some unusual ways. Jeremy Clarkson tells us not to buy a Ferrari, but instead, a field and a quad to have some fun. How much damage do you think Clarkson and Hammond can cause to a field in one single day? Both men tackle quad biking through water, add bigger and more furious engines to their quad bikes and finally moat the vehicle in a cushion of air. Which quad biking contestant is most likely to win?

For those interested in which quads take the top spot at Field Towers, here are our best four.


  1. Honda Fourtrax: One of the best farm ATVs and has an automotive grade fuel pump.
  2. Suzuki Kingquad 500: Speed-sensitive power steering eliminates bump-steer at high speeds and makes maneuvering at low speed easy.
  3. Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS: Known for being tough and reliable.  Its revised steering geometry ensures lighter handling and maintains turning radius.
  4. Polaris Sportsman 570:  Its reputation for being one of the best is enhanced by colossal towing capacity and excellent integrated storage.

Just when you thought you had seen all the methods of quad biking, Clarkson provides us with some more quad biking thrills, and jet sets to Lake Como, Italy, to race Hammond. Clarkson on quad vs Hammond in car. An Alfa Romeo 4C supercar leaving Clarkson with no chance? Maybe…but who will win?