1 What creature would you expect to catch with a glaive?

An eel

2 What is the largest calibre shotgun with which it is legally permitted to shoot wildfowl in Great Britain?

One and three quarter inches

3 What are the names of the first and the last recorded active huntsmen of otterhounds
in Great Britain?

Roger Follo: huntsman of the Royal Otter Hounds in 1175, Billy Scott: huntsman of the Dumfriesshire Otter Hounds in 1980, the year it ceased in Scotland

4 Which breed of sheep is this in the photo on page 131?

Norfolk Horn

5 If an Exmoor stag were said to have “all his rights”, what would be his distinguishing feature?

He would have the brow, bez and trez points on both antlers

6 What would you measure by reference to the Redditch Scale?

Fish hooks

7 Three breeds of farm animal are collectively known as the “Suffolk Trinity”. What are they?

Suffolk horse or punch, Suffolk sheep and red poll cattle

8 Which Act of Parliament currently regulates the game-shooting seasons in Scotland, and in which year was it enacted?

The Game (Scotland) Act 1772

9 Which species of tree is susceptible to bleeding canker?

The horse chestnut

10 At which university might students expect to present a pound of raisins to their academic mother and father?

The university of St. Andrews, now usually offered in the form of a bottle of wine

11 The “Old Course” was in use at Henley from 1839 to 1885. What was its length?

1 mile and 550 yards

12 What words appear on the motto of the Queen’s Royal Lancers and which event do they, and the insignia above them, commemorate?

“Or Glory” appears beneath the death the death’s head, in commemoratin of the death and victory of General Wolfe at Quebec in 1759

13 What is the full title of the trophy won in 1931 by the forerunner of the Spitfire?

The Coupe d’Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider

14 What, in hunting, is a “breast-high scent”?

A scent so high, or strong, that hounds will run in full cry without putting their noses to the ground

15 From which estate is it generally accepted that this species (pictured page 132) was introduced into the wild in Britain, and in which year did it arrive on that estate?

The Chinese or Reeves’ muntjac was introduced to Woburn in 1894, from which some later escaped

16 The cost of an annual game licence was £6 when it was abolished in England in 2007. What was its cost when the Game Act was introduced in 1831?

£3 13s 6d

17 What is the name given to the red horizontal bars behind the horses in the photo (page 132)?


18 Which Oxford college is represented by a cardinal’s hat, and why?

Christ Church, founded by Cardinal Wolsey

19 Fallow bucks were traditionally described according to the development of their antlers. Place the following terms in their correct order by age: bare buck, pricket, sore, buck, great buck, sorel.

Pricket, sorel, sore, bare buck, buck, great buck

20 Which species of duck is fully protected in Great Britain but may be shot in Northern Ireland?


21What are the correct terms for a foxhound’s tail and an otter’s tail?

Stern and rudder

22 In shooting, what is, or was, a “flash in the pan”?

Ignition of the priming power in the flash pan of a flintlock gun which fails to ignite the main charge in the chamber

23 Name the six fell foxhound packs of the Lake District.

Blencathra, Coniston, Eskdale & Ennerdale, Lunesdale, Melbreak, Ullswater

24 Which Scottish clergyman is credited with the invention of the “detonating” system of ignition for sporting firearms?

Rev. Alexander John Forsyth

25 Name this butterfly and the wild flower on which it is resting (pictured page 133).

Peacock Butterfly on Knapweed

26 In 2007 the CLA Game Fair, due to be held at Harewood House, was cancelled. In which previous years was the fair successfully held at Harewood?

1986, 1995, 1999, 2003

27 Whereabouts on a salmon might you find a kype?

A kype is the hook on the lower jaw of a mature male salmon 

28 In Great Britain what is the limit above which an airgun is regarded as being “specially dangerous”?

Twelve foot pounds

29 The .30-06 Springfield is a popular calibre for stalking deer and the shooting of other large game. What does the “06” refer to?

The year 1906, in which the cartridge was introduced to the US Army

30 With which other organisations did the British Field Sports Society amalgamate
to form the Countryside Alliance, and in which year was the amalgamation approved by the Society’s members?

A merger between the British Field Sports Scociety, Countryside Movement and Countryside Business Group was apprived on 26th March 1997

31 In which city and in which year were the first full-time offices of the Wildfowlers Association of Great Britain and Ireland (WAGBI, now BASC) established?

Liverpool in 1961

32 Which soldier, born in 1786 and seriously wounded at the battle of Talavera in 1809, went on to become one of Britain’s most celebrated sporting writers?

Colonel Peter Hawker

33 In which year was The Field first published?


34 The year 2009 saw the 150th anniversary of the installation of a famous bell. What is its name and where was it cast?

Big Ben was cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry

35 Which sporting breed is descended from a milkman’s dog called Trump?

Jack Russell Terrier

36 What links the following: Red Rum, White Lady, Wisley Magic?

They are all varieties of runner bean

37 What plant is this (pictured page 134), what trade is it associated with and what was it used for?

The teasel was used in woollen cloth making for carding or preparing the wool prior to spinning, and for raising the nap on woven cloth.

38 Which canine tasks is an HPR expected to perform?

Hunt, point, retrieve

39 In the northern hemisphere, in which direction does the wind blow around an anticyclone?


40 Who was the original author of Edward, Duke of York’s famous work on hunting, The Master of Game?

Gaston Phebus, Count of Foix

41 What is the Westcountry harrier’s traditional colour?

Lemon and White

42 Which noted gunmaker would you associate with the address 3141⁄2 Oxford Street?

James Purdey

43 Of which species of bird is the red grouse regarded as an island subspecies?

Lagopus lagopus

44 For what purpose was the coypu introduced to Britain, and when (to within five years) was the last animal believed to have been exterminated?

Fur production, a government eradication campaign concluded in 1989

45 The Balmoral cipher consists of the intertwined letters “V” and “A”. With which plant are they intertwined?


46 Who might you expect to use a leggett?

A thatcher

47 What is special about the yellow ear tag which must be fitted to sheep and goats from 31 December 2009?

It carries and electronic chip

48 What is the cost of a European Firearms pass?

Nothing, the pass is free

49 What was the colour of a decoyman’s dog?


50 With which Christmas carol would you associate the following words: “And ye, beneath life’s crushing load, whose forms are bending low, who toil along the climbing way with painful steps and slow”?

It came upon the midnight clear