Barbour Grouse Shooting Challenge is a game designed to give you the opportunity to experience the fast-paced thrill of grouse shooting.

The game is quite challenging, and although there are no prizes for winning, it will test your reactions!

TRY THE NEW Barbour Linhope Challenge shooting game!

To take part in the game simply click the image below!

Click to play!

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  • assassingames

    very well written…i am one of your regular readers…

  • Axel Brooks

    Very interesting game, high quality.
    However, one question: how, in “high scores”, can the winner reach 115? 115 birds in the game? Where are they????????
    All the best.

  • john batley

    on the grouse game i only missed one bird 97 per cent and got 50 points .how on earth did the leader get 115 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Richard Harris

    Can you confirm that the grouse shooting leader board is made up of genuine scores?
    I have just shot 43 grouse achieving 88% accuracy so if I had shot 100% I would have still only scored 48 and the bottom score on the board is 54.
    Am I in the wrong butt or is there a secret button for double guns and a loader?

  • mchael johnstone

    Just brilliant