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Beretta SV10 Perennia gun review – technical data and shooting impressions

Technical data

There are so many interesting technical features to this gun that it will be a job to get to them all in the space available. Starting with the stock: this is attached to the action in a completely new way. Gone is the long stock bolt common to 99 per cent of mass-produced over-and-unders. Instead, the Perennia has a clever and more rigid system with a short bolt. It allows for rapid stock removal by means of a key inserted through a trapdoor in the grip cap.

Once the Perennia’s stock is off, the trigger group may be quickly removed, too, for cleaning or service. Disassembly is achieved by the same tool that removes the stock. This “Q-Stock system” appears to be a significant advance. The pre-production test gun had no recoil-reduction device in the butt. The first guns to appear in the UK – early this month – will, however, be equipped with Beretta’s Kick-Off hydraulic oil-dampened recoil-reduction system.

The action of the Perennia retains replaceable stud pins for hingeing and conical locking bolts emerging from the action face and mating with matching circular bites either side of the chambers, but the barrel shoulders have been changed, which means that Perennia SV10 barrels are not interchangeable with those on Silver Pigeon 68 series guns.

The ejector system has been radically altered. The extractors are longer and guided the entire length of the barrel monobloc. One can switch the ejectors off by means of a screw in the rear part of the fore-end iron, useful for walked-up or wildfowling when one does not want to waste time searching for empties.

Shooting impressions

The Perennia shot exceptionally well, and was one of the best-shooting guns I’ve tested in these pages recently. It weighs 7lb 4oz and handles quickly with the 28in barrels fitted. Recoil was modest, trigger pulls good and patterns excellent. Berretta has got it right with the SV10; the gun should be a great success.


Fareham, Hants
Price from £2,305; £2,475 with Kick-Off
Tel 01489 579999, visit GMK.

  • ifoldman

    Late 2012 the most recent problem on the SV10 started to manifest. A wobbly forend. It pulls away from the barrels about half an inch with the catch fully engaged. Two gunsmiths have had a look. Neither could fathom what was going on with the curious new ‘washer’ system Beretta have introduced. The looseness is gradually getting worse, so I suspect yet another trip back to Beretta looming. On the plus side, Berettas final fix of the dodgy ejectors seems to have worked (touch wood)!

  • G. Mackie

    I just bought an SV 10 for my son two weeks ago, lovely gun but after 25 rounds the bottom ejector has ceased to eject. Does anyone know what causes this and what can be done to rectify the problem? It seems to be a common fault after reading through comments on different reviews. Very annoying as it’s not a cheap gun!

  • B Stacey

    The local gunsmith warned me I would have problems with the ejectors on the SV10 Perennia. I ignored him. He was right. New gun, 60 shots fired, and ejectors sticking. Need to bang the gun to at each ejection to get them to pop out the empty shell. Most frustrating!