Outdoor Adventure Week is all about embracing the Great Outdoors and promoting a healthy and adventurous way of life.

Ray Mears says: “It is vital that young people and families get the opportunities to find adventure in life to prepare them for the future. I enthusiastically support the Outdoor Adventure Week initiative and hope that you too will back it and change thousands of lives.”

For 2009, the organisers

want to double the events. Individuals and organisations are invited to use this opportunity to:

  • Challenge

    people to do something today they have never done before.
  • Raise your

    profile by joining what people are doing for OAW09.
  • Get adventure

    ideas from young people, parents, local activity providers such as bike hirers,

    outdoor centres, event promoters, communities, sports clubs, schools, local

    councils, fitness centres, community groups, all are welcome to join