Learn how to make your own Christmas crackers this year. And fill them with the best goodies.


Do you want to know how to make your own Christmas crackers? As the festive merriment looms why not decide to make your own Christmas crackers this year? After all a sustainable, less disposable and more traditional Christmas is what most of us crave. Even if hand-crafting is the last thing on your extensive To Do list, we can assure you that making your own crackers is far easier than you might think. And, in fact, rather jolly.

Pair it with a glass of homemade Christmas Pimm’s and you will be laughing…just watch the scissors. Or perhaps a festive canapé might help proceedings. Our three best Christmas canapé recipes is the perfect place to start.

If you’re keen on crackers and want to know more about the tradition read our informative feature on the history of Christmas crackers. Otherwise gather together the required crafting staples to make your own Christmas crackers. Don’t forget to source something rather delightful to nestle inside the completed cracker masterpiece. Might we suggest some home made biscotti, toffee vodka miniatures or, of course, a subscription to The Field.



  • A4 paper (decorated or covered in wrapping paper)
  • Cardboard tubes – loo rolls are ideal
  • Ribbon, wool or string
  • Sticky tape and glue
  • Cracker snaps, available from most craft shops
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Decorate the Christmas cracker while it is flat, as it is much easier to do than when it is assembled. When your design is finished, turn the paper over.


Make sure one of the longer sides is at the top. Put the cardboard tube on the paper so that the ends are pointing towards the shorter sides of the paper and the tube is in the middle.


Make a mark at each end of the tube. Draw two lines through the marks from top to bottom, so the paper is divided into three sections. Measure 2cm and 4cm from each line and draw lines from top to bottom. There should be three lines at each end of the paper.


At one end, fold along the middle of the three lines. Make a cut from the fold about 1cm from the end of the paper. Keep doing this all the way along the fold. Repeat this at the other end.


On a flat surface, put some glue along the edge of the paper. Put the tube at the top and in the middle, and roll the paper around it. You might need sticky tape to really secure the edges.


Stick the cracker snaps in. Tie one end of the cracker with ribbon, wool or string. The cuts should gather up.


Now it is time to fill the cracker with goodies of your choice. Don’t put anything inside that’s too heavy for the tube, but treats  – and then tie up the other end.

  • Dorothy

    Is it possible to have a template of the
    Christmas Cracker? I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks, Dorothy


    Dear Dorothy,

    I am afraid that we do not have the template available.

    Kind regards,

    The Field