I have a couple of old linen tablecloths dating from the Seventies, used for dinner parties and red-letter days. They have the odd hole. Are there any specialist restorers in this field?

MCM, Suffolk

The Studio at the Royal School of Needlework has specialists who carry out work on various fabrics including linens, wedding veils and christening gowns. The work involves either stabilising the fabric in its current state to prevent more wear or sewing on an appropriate support piece to the fragile area. The Studio suggests emailing photographs of the item in question with close-ups of the damaged section to.From these it can provide a rough guide to the cost and length of the necessary process.

Alternatively, make an appointment to take the item directly to the Studio at Apartment 12A, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, where you can be given a face-to-face explanation of what is involved and the costs. The basic fee is £35 per hour. For more details, email Amanda.ewing@royal-needlework.org.uk or call her on 020 3166 6944.

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