The Field

It takes just one bird to scare off a thousand others. From Humberside to Trafalgar Square, hawks and falcons are clearing vermin and making money.

With grey partridge numbers in decline and the loss of set-aside habitat, could the species be removed from the quarry list? If so, the consequences would be dire for redlegs…

These are the best shots in Britain today (and, given our pre-eminence in driven game-shooting, possibly the world).

The London Olympics in 2012 have sparked controversy over plans to spend £18 million on a temporary shooting facility.

Travelling with your gun

Travelling the world with your shotgun is fraught with difficulties. Here we offer you a guide to navigating the common pitfalls.

On a shoot recently I was given a snifter of 1997 orange gin, a great change from sloe gin. I would like to have a go at making this. Have…

You don't need gazillions of dollars to hit the glorious Bahamian flats and drown those winter blues in clear blue water.